ACH – #rethinkingrefugee campaign

ACH was established in 2008 as a social enterprise specialising in integrating refugees through accommodation, support and community-based training. The organisation works in the South West and the West Midlands.

ACH’s #rethinkingrefugee campaign began in 2015 to address the negative portrayals of refugees in the media, and to change public perceptions.

The organisation was fed up of the language used to describe refugees; words like ‘swarms’. They were also fed up of the ‘positive’ portrayals of refugees taking a solely humanitarian approach, labelling them as helpless individuals and charity cases.

Thus, the campaign was born, from a need to highlight the assets, skills and experiences refugees bring with them, and from this, the economic and cultural benefits a community receives.

Since 2015 the campaign has evolved to engage with landlords, employers, education providers and local authorities, with a targeted message that sees refugees not as burdens or charity cases, but as assets who will boost our economy and enrich our communities. The campaign enabled us to successfully recruit a number of new landlords and gain partnerships with employers looking to diversify their organisations and hire refugees.