British Future – Remember Together

Remember Together is a partnership between the thinktank British Future and the Royal British Legion that was launched in 2018. It seeks to bring people from different backgrounds together, across the country, to commemorate their shared history and uncover common ground.

The project aims to deepen understanding among ethnic and faith minorities of their long historical connection to Britain and to increase belonging and an inclusive sense of British identity. It also seeks to remind those who feel anxious about integration and diversity, that Britain’s ethnic and faith minorities have a long and shared history of contribution and service to Britain.

Workshops in Bradford, London and Derby brought children from different backgrounds together to learn about shared First World War history, the soldiers who served from across the commonwealth and why Remembrance is for all of us. A Birmingham Imams workshop encouraged Imams to deliver Remembrance sermons at Friday prayers. Events were filmed, and targeted Facebook advertisements were used to tell this story of contact and shared remembrance to target audiences, reaching 330,000 people. In addition, there was wide-ranging media coverage in The Sunday Telegraph, Guardian, BBC Radio 4, BBC TV Look North, BBC Asian Network, Jewish Chronicle and Eastern Eye.

Surveys tested the impact of the Remember Together films, and found that there was a 12 percentage-point positive shift in attitudes towards Muslims among those in the ‘Anxious’ target audience who watched one of the Remember Together videos. This was supported by positive testimonials that were collected at each Remember Together event.

British Future , Remember Together. Pupils of Girlington Primary School & Eldwick Primary School in a Remember together workshop

British Future, Remember Together at IEC Birmingham