Colorintech – Colorcode

Colorintech is a non-profit organisation created with the aim of making Europe the most inclusive tech hub in the world.

Colorintech’s research found that less than 4% of the technology industry was run by people in the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) community despite the fact they make up over 13% of the population. Colorintech, along with a group of tech companies including, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, EA games and their American partners, decided to combine to put on an event ‘Colorcode’ for 14-17 year olds who were open to learning more about the technology industry.

The aim of the annual event is to raise awareness of all the exciting things taking place in the industry and the emerging career opportunities. They want to inspire the next generation to continue thinking about STEM careers.

Outputs included immersive sessions, workshops for parents and teachers and collaborations between all partners on the day to encourage the young people to get involved. To deliver the event, Colorintech received funding from a range of the tech organisations above, and have received a grant to deliver the event in the future. They will evaluate the impact of the programme through monitoring teacher’s assessments of whether their pupils will pick/have picked STEM subjects.

Please see a video here of the Colorcode programme: