Walsall Council- Faith in Action

Walsall Council held its Faith in Action Showcase last month at Walsall Town Hall, organised and supported by team members of Walsall for All.

The Faith in Action showcase aimed to demonstrate faith awareness in the Walsall community whilst bringing together faith-based groups and local organisations to showcase current community-based integration projects.

 “It was good to be with other like-minded people who know that together, in unity, celebrating our diversity as a community, we are all the stronger. It’s a reflection of our country: different backgrounds, different languages, one people.”
Colin Townsend from Signs for Worship

The council worked to garner a variety of attendees ranging from faith-based groups, support & outreach services, schools and various local not-for-profits. Schools were especially engaged with in order to promote learning opportunities using integration workshops. In these workshops, young people learnt about a variety of Walsall based projects in homelessness, outreach work, humanitarian work, twinning projects between faith communities, arts work and volunteering work.

Feedback from the day was collected via social media, email feedback and individual and group engagement on the day. Although the event took place in working hours, limiting the rate of attendance from the community, it alternatively gave a good platform for project networking and future planning.

Notable speakers at the event were Professor Gatrad from World Against Single Use Plastic, Colin Townsend from Signs for Worship, Soneh Di Chirri from Golden Sparrow and Councillor Aftab Nawaz. Performance groups who attended included the Second Chance Cancer Choir, Sikh martial arts group: Patishahi 6 Academy and poet Lala Qadeer. A performance was also given by Black Country Touring group, the Lollipop Ladies.

For more information on this event, contact Walsall Council and Walsall for All, by visiting their members page here.

Attendees of Faith in Action


Walsall Town Hall Faith in Action event