Local Diversity Council – Inclusivity in the workplace

The Local Diversity Council (LDC) was founded over 20 years ago to create an inclusive environment on the Cummins Huddersfield site. Cummins is a multinational manufacturing company with a diverse workforce.

The LDC supports local employee resource groups, for example, the Indian, Chinese and Women’s Networking Group, and works closely with the site’s Community Involvement Team to create an inclusive work environment that fosters innovation. Through the LDC, Cummins fosters a working environment where the perspectives and experiences of all people are valued – not regardless of their differences but because of their differences.

The LDC holds monthly events to celebrate different cultures and increase awareness amongst employees. Examples have included celebrating Eid, Easter, Black History Month, Chinese Mid Autumn Festival and even Yorkshire Day! Events often include food, as well as providing information that highlights why certain events are celebrated at particular times of the year. Activities include quizzes, parades (such as for Pride) and sports, including Dragon Boat Racing.

The LDC also delivers outreach activities, for example extending competitions like the mehndi henna designing and Chinese lanterns activities to employees’ families. Local schools have also been involved, including in a drawing competition as part of Black History Month, with the entries displayed on site. Empowering community partners with disabilities to join in Pride marches is another new initiative of the LDC.

Narrative by Lucy Bristow and Malik Ali

Cummins employees join in a Dragon Boat Race to raise awareness of Chinese culture whilst raising funds for a local community partner. Photo by Andrew Pell.