Refugee Allies

Refugee Allies is a social integration project led by St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace that brings local people and newcomers together, opening hearts and minds to the plight of displaced people, fostering empathy and generating action.

The Refugee Allies project has two strands:

Act. Speak. Inspire:  A programme of volunteering that supports grassroots organisations in formal or informal camps in Europe, in order to share the stories of the experiences back in the UK (Actions@Home). These Actions@Home build understanding, humanise displaced people and open up spaces for curiosity and concerns in conversations.

Social gatherings: Held at St Ethelburga’s, bringing locals and newcomers together for events that include connection through conversations, workshops, food, art and music.  The emphasis is on creating a culture of mutuality, to break down barriers and see ourselves in each other.