Refuweegee is a campaign that promotes two-way integration in Glasgow through volunteer-led social action that welcomes new arrivals and embraces them as part of the city. The name Refuweegee brings together two words – “weegee”, meaning ‘from Glasgow’, and “refugee”.

Through its work, Refuweegee ensures that every new arrival in Glasgow (and increasingly other parts of Scotland too) receives a ‘welcome pack’. This pack contains essential items such as toiletries, food and information leaflets, alongside a ‘letter from a local’, welcoming the person to the city. Asking people in Glasgow to write these letters, and giving them to new arrivals, has helped to create a culture of kindness and connectivity in the city. Beyond the welcome packs, Refuweegee also runs many other activities and events to welcome people, including community barbeques, concerts, trips to the Scottish countryside, and drop-ins, where people can be signposted to further help and receive items donated by locals, such as clothing and pushchairs. Refuweegee has been incredibly successful in harnessing the power of social media, engaging volunteers and generating partnerships between sectors. As a result, Refuweegee is helping to transform local narratives around refugees, from those potentially rooted in suspicion and distrust, to those founded in kindness and shared belonging.

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