StreetGames – Enabling young people to take on volunteering and leadership roles

National data has consistently shown that young people from lower socio-economic groups are less likely to volunteer than their more affluent peers. 

To help address this, StreetGames has developed an offer aimed at supporting locally trusted organisations (LTOs) and young people in areas of high deprivation to take on volunteering and leadership roles. 

The StreetGames FABS approach (Fun, Altruistic, sense of Belonging & Self-Development) has been built upon learning from practice.  It includes opportunities for young people to : 

  • Attend training and gain new qualifications 
  • Experience new opportunities, go to new places and meet other young volunteers from other parts of the country
  • Have their voice heard and co-create
  • Undertake social action
  • Be rewarded for their social action 

There are also opportunities for LTO Staff to access training and support. 

One example of StreetGames recent work includes a group of young leaders from Yorkshire that have been supporting their local communities in a variety of different ways during the Coronavirus pandemic.

One group have created and promoted a series of short videos that provide coaches, leaders (and parents) with ideas for fun socially distanced activities. Another group based in Sheffield are helping to make activity packs for people in lockdown, and a group in Leeds have helped to paint and redevelop the Mandela Basketball Court.