Verd De Gris – Giving people a voice through the arts

Verd de Gris is an organisation based in West Yorkshire that uses the arts to help people to find their voice and express themselves. Through their work, they tackle pressing social issues, including building greater understanding in communities about the plight and experiences of refugees.

Through the project “5000 miles”, Verd de Gris worked with two young people from Afghanistan who fled Taliban violence at the age of 13 and arrived in the UK as Asylum Seekers. The boys developed a soundscape to share their experience, which was showcased on BBC radio and at Love Arts Festival in Leeds, and which led to a series of workshops in primary and secondary schools, in which the boys were involved.

Through the project “Into the Blue”, Verd De Gris worked with refugee parents in Halifax and Performing Arts Students from Calderdale College, as well as students from Calder High School, to develop a performance piece that connected audiences with the experiences of being a refugee and was performed at Square Chapel Arts. Ver de Gris employ qualitative methods in evaluating their work, including using questionnaires and interviews.

Verd de Gris 5000 miles book launch and performance 29th November 2017