Waltham Forest- Young Feel Good Ambassador Programme

The London Borough of Waltham Forest starts its first Young Feel Good Ambassador programme.

Waltham Forest’s Connecting Communities programme recently launched its Young Feel Good Ambassador programme; rolled out to 150 young people from 11 different schools across the borough.

Through this programme, young people from diverse communities and backgrounds were taught how to lead physical activities in school, resolve conflict, and build resilience to outside pressures such as violent crime. This project forms part of an initiative to develop more peer-to-peer support networks for young people and to increase levels of empowerment for young people when making decisions.

The programme hopes to show how sports can build connection between people and communities who don’t normally connect with each other, and further empower groups and individuals to continue creating bonds. Pupils will now have the opportunity to develop a sports programme targeted at residents of all ages with the opportunity to develop their projects further into the new year.

Through this work with young people, Waltham Forest Council is hoping to engage more closely with communities, support resident driven initiatives and encourage the use of sport to bring communities together to live healthier lifestyles.

Young people on the Young Feel Good Ambassador Programme


Activities on the Young Feel Good Ambassador Programme