Christine Cox

Christine Cox has  committed her career to conflict transformation and empowerment of communities to move beyond trauma and towards a healthier future. She has designed and facilitated multiple ‘on the ground’ programmes in countries affected by conflict as they seek to rebuild and create a more cohesive society, including Central Asia, Georgia, Bangladesh, Kenya and the Somali refugee camp Dadaab.

In addition, Christine has worked within the UK (Leeds, Manchester, Burnley, Bradford, Rochdale, Oldham, Peckham and Southwark in London) with young people and wider communities in multiple areas facing issues including deprivation, limited resources, territory and gang conflict, community division and increased threat of recruitment by extremist organisations. In addition Christine has set up community radio stations in the UK, and Ninotsminda and Marneuli (Georgia).

She has a Post-Graduate Diploma from Cambridge University on Child and Adolescent Psychotherapeutic Development.