James Williams

Director of Partnerships and Products

James joined Belong as Director of Partnerships and Products in May 2023 from the Housing Association Charitable Trust (HACT), where he worked for six years as a subject matter expert helping a whole range of public, private, and charitable organisations to develop their Social Value practice.

He was particularly involved in the development of the 2022 version of the influential UK Social Value Bank which was designed to aid organisations in their decision making and in enhanced outcomes particularly those most disadvantaged.

James has a long-standing interest in community and social cohesion inspired by the 2006 Cantle review for Oldham MBC. In Oldham, Accrington and Salford James ran successful community linking and dialogue projects in areas of regeneration, tension and change in the Social Housing sector context.

James is a great believer in the positive influence of improved social cohesion has for individual wellbeing, health, and economic value through activities community sport, activism, social enterprise, civic participation, community development and dialogue.