The Forum for Discussion of Israel and Palestine

The Forum for Discussion of Israel and Palestine (FODIP) was set up in 2008 with the objective to promote positive dialogue between faith communities in the UK on the subject of Israel/Palestine. As a registered charity, it is governed and managed by Jews, Christians and Muslims from a variety of perspectives, all dedicated to hearing the other, learning, understanding and finding ways to move forward. FODIP takes no position on the situation of Israel/Palestine itself, other than a concern for the rights, fears and hopes of all people in the region.
FODIP brings people together across communal boundaries to enable conversations about the Middle East, in particular, Israel-Palestine situation, helping them to understand perspectives other than their own and provide a local network of communication with the skills to address the difficult issues that threaten to divide them.

-We have worked to promote healthy community relations and address
aspects of identity among young people in the UK through our Tough
Options Programme

-We have also worked on a number of community programmes through
conferences and workshops; for community leaders, clerical and lay,
locally and nationally, to address difficult issues, explore positive
dialogue, train individuals and develop good practice

-FODIP have provided advice for educational and community bodies on
methodologies for effective dialogue

-FODIP have delivered 5 dual narrative – Questions without Borders,
study tours to the region

-FODIP run a weekly women’s sports programme in North Manchester,
bringing women from traditional backgrounds together to play and learn
new sports and keep fit

All the above programmes are still running. Tough Options is running in
Manchester, Birmingham and Nottingham.

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