Phoenix, Mind, Body & Soul CIC & Eccles Boxing School

Phoenix, Mind, Body & Soul CIC has partnered with Eccles Boxing School to deliver a bespoke wellness training program which holistically focuses on improving mental health, enhancing emotional wellbeing, and increasing physical health & fitness. Whether your establishment is a corporate company or a public sector business, the innovation of our talented team, means we can adapt and customise what we do to suit the ambitions of your clients and employees, whilst fulfilling the demands and obligations of the organisation overall. We offer a variety of accredited qualifications, CPD modules & certified units which are the foundation that underpins and drives our project. We deliver L2 Mental Health Awareness & First Aid, EFT Therapy, Active Leadership, Personal Development, Life Skills, Health, Sport & Fitness CPD qualifications. From a physical aspect we also offer Boxing Fitness Classes, Self-Defence Classes, Yoga & Meditation sessions. As an organisation, you can handpick specific modules to create your own wellness package or allow us to tailor the best fit approach for the development of your establishment. We have unified a wealth of exceptional, established & renowned coaches with years of knowledge and expertise to offer you a truly unique experience.