Social Art Network

We are unapologetically political and unreservedly radical in our approach and practice. It is a time of increasing social crisis in Britain and around the world, where increasingly reactionary politics, both from the state and within communities causes constant damage to people in their everyday lives. The backdrop to this is the impending flood of climate change; the extent of the damage which we will cause ourselves is yet unknown. The only creative response to this is a radical politic as art. We understand politics not as governmental parties but as the social collection of people, where true meaningful change is generated.

In art, this translates into emotional resonance with the state of our society, and facilitating empathy for the crises we collectively inhabit. But it also translates into vision; imagining new ways of living with one another, grounded in reality but connected to potentiality, and pushing to make such a vision occur. Artists have always led the way in conceiving revolutionary routes; we humbly believe we are a part of that tradition in today’s moment.