The Linking Network

We are a network of 29 Schools Linking Programmes across the country. Using four key questions Who am I? Who are we? Where do we live? How do we all live together? we work to develop and deepen children and young people’s knowledge and understanding of identity, diversity, community and equality, creating space for discussion of these issues within the school curriculum and supporting teachers to address them. We provide a structured programme of teacher training, resources and support to enable schools to build high quality class to class links rooted in the curriculum. We are grateful for ongoing support from Pears Foundation and a partnership between Pears Foundation, MHCLG and DfE and investment by schools, local authorities and NGO’s into the work. Collaborative partnership between schools, headteachers, teachers and local authorities, NGO’s, funders, education teams in outdoor centres, sport organisations, museums, theatres, art galleries to support children and young people to meet is at the heart of the network.