Walsall for All

Walsall for All aims to create strong and integrated communities in Walsall. Our long-term plan recognises our strengths as well as our challenges and sets out the steps we will take to break down barriers to integration. Our vision is to create integrated, empowered and inclusive communities where people from all backgrounds come together to celebrate what they have in common. A place where our residents are safe and valued, and everyone has fair opportunities to fulfil their potential and contribute to the growth of Walsall. Integration can be defined as where people – whatever their background – live, work, learn and socialise together. In March 2018, Walsall was chosen as one of five areas to work with the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government to look into different approaches to integration. The other four areas are Blackburn with Darwen, Bradford, Peterborough and Waltham Forest. A thriving and integrated Walsall will see different communities flourishing and coming together, divisions being overcome and everyone able to fulfil their potential and contribute to Walsall. We believe Walsall for All is an exciting opportunity for residents, communities and organisations to share experiences and work together to develop shared goals and a vision. To find out more visit our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or go to www.walsallforall.co.uk.