Advanced Member

Through this membership the Belong Network will provide you with tailored consultancy on your cohesion and integration work, and further access to our online forums, webinars and annual conference. This is in addition to all of the benefits provided in both the Associate and Standard membership packages. (This package is suitable for larger organisations that work across a region or nationally, or that have bases in more than one location).

Benefits for this membership include all those listed in the Associate Member package and Standard Member package as well as:

  • Three further log-ins to members’ area providing access and ability to contribute to online forums by geographical area or interest. (Five log-ins in total.)
  • One further discounted place for the national conference (available from 2020). (Two discounted places to the national conference in total.)
  • One hour free phone consultancy a year from Belong associates.
  • Three hours free in-person consultancy or facilitation of work a year from Belong associates.
  • 20% discount on additional consultancy or facilitation from Belong associates.

Pricing Table

These are the pricing options for our Advanced Membership packages:

Civil Society Organisations including CharitiesAdvanced Member
Up to income of £150,000 per annum
£150,00- £300,00 income per annum
£300,000- £600,000 income per annum
£600,000- £1,000,000 income per annum£500.00 per annum
Turnover: £1-2 million turnover per annum£1200.00 per annum
Over £2 million turnover£2000.00 per annum
Local Authorities (by population)Advanced Member
District and unitary authorities with a population less than 300,000£3000.00 per annum
Population between 300,000 and 750,000£6000.00 per annum
Population of 750,000- 1.5m (city)£10,500.00 per annum
City Region: Population 1.5m and over£15,000.00 per annum
UniversitiesAdvanced Member
Universities£5000.00 per annum
Housing Associations and Multi Academy TrustsAdvanced Member
Housing Associations and Multi Academy Trusts£3000.00 per annum
Business and Corporate MembersAdvanced Member
Business and Corporate Members£5000.00 per annum