Members Charter

Working together to create a more integrated less divided society. We’re delighted you’ve decided to join us. 

The Belong Network is a charity and membership organisation whose vision is a more integrated and less divided society. We want to do this through improving the practice and ultimately the policy of cohesion and integration work. This Members’ Charter shows how we can best work together to create a vibrant and collaborative community.

Through joining the Network all of our members commit to complying with all the standards set out in this Members Charter, our Code of Conduct, and our Website Use Terms and Conditions.

 Members Charter 

Members commit to upholding and maintaining these standards at all times. Members will: 

  • Adhere to Professional Standards and Behaviours upholding the highest professional standards of personal conduct in every professional situation. 
  • Champion the values and benefits of integration, diversity and inclusion, within and for your organisation and across sectors. 
  • Commit to continuous learning to ensure the knowledge and skills of team and organisation with regard to cohesion and integration are up to date.  
  • Share your organisations’ knowledge, expertise and good practice with others to raise the profile of this vital work and to improve standards and ultimately influence policy. 
  • Play an active role in the network – collaborating with other members and sharing your ideas to build a strong and vibrant community of practice. 
  • Act with integrity and avoid any acts, omissions or practices which harm supporters, beneficiaries, your organisation, the Network as a whole, and the general public.  
  • Act honestly at all times. 
  • Be alert to, and manage openly, any conflicts of interest between yourself and other members. 
  • Engage with other members constructively and in a spirit of civility, respectmutual trust and good faith.
  • Our online forums, website and events are a space for collaboration, civility and respect. We encourage you to self-moderate. Let our team know if you see inappropriate information or content on our site. 
  • Take responsibility for any photos and content you upload to the Belong website, including ensuring you have gained permission from individuals and organisations involved. 
  • Treat the project details and ideas of other members as they specify and make sure sources are given appropriate credit. 
  • You will not approach other members with unsolicited self-promotion or sales pitches. 
  • Seek appropriate support or guidance if required.

Belong staff will moderate and monitor services such as the Online Forums and the Directory of Members, however, this will not be 24/7. Urgent actions such as the removal of posts will be done as soon as possible. We encourage you to self-moderate and let us know if you have a complaint or are unsure of anything. We reserve the right to delete any Member Accounts that do not follow this Charter, our Code of Conduct and our Website Terms and Conditions.