Our Online Community

We are developing an online community of practice for all those engaged in cohesion and integration.

All members have access to our Resources Centre containing over 100 resources on cohesion and integration, together with a bank of stories of inspiring individuals and organisations who are building stronger more integrated and inclusive places across the UK. You will be able to put yourself on the Integration map and have your work featured in our Stories section. You will also be able to access the directory of members in order to develop connections with others from different disciplines, areas and sectors. 

Standard and Advanced Members will also have the ability to join, host and moderate online forums for areas of shared interest and to develop new thinking and ideas. These forums will be moderated by the Belong staff team and by member organisations who are hosting particular forums. Forums will be organised by locality, region, and also by special interest groups. We have two forums in development at the moment and more in the pipeline so watch this space to see how our online community develops.

We look forward to welcoming you to our online community.