Why Join?

There has never been a greater need for individuals and organisations across the UK to work together for a more integrated and less divided society. Together we can build inclusive and resilient neighbourhoods, workplaces, institutions and social spaces where we all feel a strong and cohesive sense of belonging.


Across sectors, locally and nationally, with others who are developing and delivering cohesion and integration programmes. We bring business, public sector agencies, civil society and academia together to learn from each other, to collaborate, to share knowledge and best practice. 


Our Resource Centre is a one stop shop for all your cohesion and integration needs. Our toolkits, resources, events and training programmes will build your capacity to work more effectively for change. 

Shared Voice

With our members we will be advocates and champions for this work. We will raise the profile of cohesion and integration work, celebrating best practice and putting it on the map. We will mobilise around issues that are important to our members and together seek to transform practice and ultimately policy, to build a stronger more resilient and inclusive British society.

Together we can make a change.