Power of Sport Taster Quiz

Take the quiz to see how much you know about designing and evaluating sports programmes centred around inclusion, cohesion and integration. Each of the questions here links to one of the ten steps you will complete in the toolkit. Choose the answer that best represents how you feel in response to the question

1. Your area: How well do you understand the cohesion and integration challenges in your local area?(Required)
2. Your sports programme: How well do you understand the problem you are trying to solve with your sports programme?(Required)
3. Barriers and Equalisers: Do you know what barriers might prevents participants from taking part in your sports programme and what you might do to equalise them?(Required)
4. Conditions: How well do you understand the conditions that need to be in place for sports programmes to lead to better cohesion and integration?(Required)
5. Impact and evaluation: Do you understand what evaluation is and why it matters?(Required)
6. Outcomes: Have you considered what you would like the short- and long-term outcomes of your programme to be?(Required)
7. Theory of Change: Do you know what a Theory of Change is and have you created one?(Required)
8. Indicators: Have you thought about how you will measure and evaluate the success of your sports programme?(Required)
9. Data collection: Have you thought about how you will collect data for your evaluation?(Required)
10. Learning and analysis: Do you have a plan for how you will share the learning and findings from your evaluation?(Required)