Shared Ground Programme

This CPD accredited online programme builds the capacity, skills and confidence for practitioners and all those who work closely alongside residents and in neighbourhoods to work more effectively in situations where there is conflict and tensions. It is interactive, practical and encourages you to develop and practice your skills. At the same time it is firmly rooted in theoretical frameworks drawn from international peacebuilding and conflict transformation approaches and methodologies. 

The course has been designed with input from Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation and Peaceful Change Initiative. Both organisations bring substantial expertise in working in situations where there are community tensions and conflict.

The course includes the following elements:

  • Conflict analysis tools; frameworks for understanding cohesion and integration, working constructively with change and conflict
  • Practical, skills focused elements which support participants to develop their skills(including communication and dialogue skills)using examples drawn from recent situations
  • Action steps so that participants can apply their learning and receive peer feedback and support
  • The opportunity to join an ongoing community of practice convened by Belong

The training can be delivered online in modules over 4 days.

There is further online support offered following the training via a Belong community of practice, so that participants can continue to apply their learning in neighbourhood and community settings.

The course is delivered by:

  • Raj Bhari from Peaceful Change Initiative
  • Christine Cox, Belong Lead Facilitator and Network Convener
  • Mike Waite from Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation

Please email in order to discuss the costs of Belong delivering this programme for your organisation.