Belonging 2023: Building Resilient Communities

Belonging 2023: Building Resilient Communities takes place on 15 November, and we’re proud to announce our breakout sessions – with experts from across the public, private and civil society sector to support your work bringing people together. Breakout sessions offer the chance for open conversation, networking and debate with leaders from across the social cohesion sector. *NOW SOLD OUT*

Taking place on Wednesday 15 November in central Manchester, Belonging 2023 is a fantastic chance to come together with others working to build social capital and community resilience. Alongside some fantastic keynote speakers and panellists our breakout sessions offer specialist discussion and support dedicated to our members’ work.

Breakout Session 1
Future Challenges to Social Cohesion: Social Media and AI

In discussion with: Neighbourly Lab, Facing History and the Center for Countering Digital Hate.

How can digital content can be used as a force for good to build connections and trust in others, a sense of pride in place and contribute to resilience across a community rather than as a means to sow division and mistrust?

Breakout Session 2
Using the Power of Connection: Volunteering and Cohesion

In discussion with: The Conservation Volunteers, RVS and Together Coalition.

Exploring the theory and academic research linking volunteering with social cohesion outcomes, plus practical recommendations for those in the voluntary sector looking to build stronger connections and representation within their own organisation and wider community.

Breakout Session 3
Everybody’s Business: Why and how business should invest in social cohesion

In discussion with: Brabners, Business in the Community and Shalni Arora (B&M Foundation, Savannah

What does social cohesion mean in the business context and how can businesses maximise positive impact within their local communities?

Breakout Session 4
Demonstrating The Value Of Our Work: Measuring and Evaluating Social Cohesion

In discussion with: Professor Dominic Abrams, University of Kent and Professor Linda Tropp, University of Amherst Massachussets.

There is currently no national measurement framework to help local areas assess local social cohesion. Professor Abrams and Professor Tropp will discuss how in the absence of a framework we can measure work that builds resilience in communities and strengthen the evidence base for this work.

Breakout Session 5
Local Government And Community Resilience In Tough Times

In discussion with: Bradford Council, Manchester City Council, Walsall Council and COMPAS.

How can we drive a greater focus on ‘communities policy’; and what tools and support does local government need from national policymakers and other stakeholders to fulfil its leadership role in building strong communities.

Plus keynote speakers:

  • Kim Leadbeater, MP 
  • Sunder Katwala, Director, British Future
  • Míriam Juan-Torres, Head of Research at Democracy & Belonging Forum, Othering & Belonging Institue at UC Berkeley
    – and more!

What is Belonging 2023?

This is THE event for anyone working to build connection, resilience and trust within communities today.

We’ll be asking some of the UK’s leading thinkers and doers to consider what might be the impact if we placed social cohesion at the heart of policy and practice – from a national level to the everyday interactions in our daily lives.



How do I claim my free ticket?

Free tickets are available for all current Belong Network paid members (Standard, Advanced and Founder members).