Leading in Challenging Times: Support for those responding to the impact of the conflict in Israel and Gaza on local communities in the UK

Belong is today sharing guidance for local areas on how we can respond to some of the challenges to cohesion presented by the ongoing conflict in Israel and Gaza.

This short guidance document has been produced by the Belong Network and Together for Humanity. It is a response to widespread requests for support and guidance from local government bodies and related services who have found some elements of the current situation a challenge to respond to.

This guidance is therefore primarily aimed at local government officers, elected representatives and related service providers. It seeks to support them by capturing some of the key principles and elements of good practice that can inform our response to these challenges.

Some of the content, including on the use of language and framing, may also be helpful to other organisations in supporting staff members, service users or volunteers’ feelings and discussion around the conflict.

You can read and download the full guidance document here

If your organisation would like more information or support on this subject, please get in touch – admin@belongnetwork.co.uk

Belong has worked to produce this document with Together for Humanity. Together for Humanity is a campaign hosted by the /Together Coalition to connect people across divides, and to create a space for the majority of people who want to express mutual solidarity and a shared recognition of humanity.

They are asking people to join on 21st January a day of Building Bridges, and as part of this a number of locally based vigils are being held across the country to mourn losses in Israel and Palestine, and unite against antisemitism and Islamophobia. For more information, please visit the Together for Humanity website.