Facing History and Ourselves

Facing History and Ourselves

A registered charity, Facing History UK was first established in 2004 and since 2019 has been working to expand their reach and impact across schools in the United Kingdom. The organisation uses historical and literary analysis and insight into human behaviour to help young people build their understanding of racism, prejudice and intolerance and translate lessons from history into their own lives.

Facing History works primarily with secondary school teachers, who have the potential to reach hundreds of pupils using the organisation’s approach, resources and teaching materials. Facing History UK students are taught how to look critically at history, to consider how historical prejudice and discrimination evolves and informs our lives today. Pupils are helped to understand their roles as citizens in a democracy and develop a sense of civic agency, how they can counter discrimination and how they can play a part in creating inclusive, empathic communities.

Facing History is looking to expand its reach and work with more schools across the four nations of the United Kingdom. The team also currently works with Prevent coordinators in some locations, as young people excluded from mainstream education can be at greater risk of radicalisation.

Facing History is currently working on a media and literacy unit helping pupils to understand how our own identity impacts what we see online. It aims to help young people ‘critically consume’ news and social media and consider the motivations of the organisations or individuals creating the content.

Facing History joined the Belong Network to develop stronger links across organisations and institutions that have a commitment to social cohesion and tackling the barriers that prevent it.

To contact Facing History UK please email uk@facinghistory.org or visit their website to find out more.

We are excited to join Belong and become part of a community of organisations that are committed to creating social cohesion. We hope that in the coming months and years this will enable us to learn from others, create powerful partnerships to impact more communities and ultimately ensure that as many young people as possible are able to access resources, support and opportunities to support them in feeling like they belong and have a voice in society.

Beki Martin Executive Director, Facing History UK