Catch Up | Living Room 4: Understanding the lasting impact of Covid-19



Catch Up | Living Room 4: Understanding the lasting impact of Covid-19

In July we hosted Living Room 4: Understanding the lasting impact of Covid-19, a series of one-hour online seminars that explored this topic from a range of different perspectives. Below are the recordings from sessions one, two and three.


Session 1: The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on young people aged 13-24 in the UK

Speaker: Dr Liat Levita, University of Sheffield

Liat Levita is Senior Lecturer at the Department of Psychology at the University of Sheffield, where she heads up the Developmental Affective Neuroscience lab. Her research work is focused on examining the factors that underlie well-being throughout development, especially during adolescence. Liat’s webinar focused on the unique challenges facing young people at different points during adolescent development as a result of this pandemic.

Webinar recorded: Wednesday 15th July 1300 – 1400


Session 2: ‘Beyond Us and Them’ Research Project – The impact of Covid-19 on social cohesion

Speaker: Dr Fanny Lalot, University of Kent

‘Beyond Us and Them’ aims to investigate the impact of the ongoing Covid-19 crisis on social cohesion within the UK: are people coming together as a result of the crisis, or is it tearing them apart? How are different places and different communities being impacted? In this webinar Fanny shares the first set of findings from the project.

Webinar recorded: Wednesday 22nd July 1300 – 1400


Session 3: What next for the Covid generation? The wellbeing challenge ahead

Speaker: Amanda Vernalls, Head of Research & Insight at Youth Sport Trust, joined in the Q&A by Lisa McHendry, Director of innovation and Insight at Youth Sport Trust

Youth Sport Trust is a children’s charity which looks to improve young people’s wellbeing and life changes through harnessing the power of sport and physical activity.In this webinar Amanda draws on numerous UK sources to explore the impact that Covid restrictions have had, and will continue to have, on children and young people.

Webinar recorded: Wednesday 29th July 1300 – 1400