Radical Kindness Week 2021 – Toolkit

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Radical Kindness Week 2021 – Toolkit

Radical Kindness is a project funded by Spirit of 2012 celebrating acts of radical kindness inspired by the Covid-19 crisis.

Acts of radical kindness are those activities that intentionally seek to build bridges across differences, develop shared ground, and promote social connection between different groups and communities.


Templates and Guides

A range of tools and resources are available to allow you to engage with Radical Kindness Week 2021.

These are all available to download including:

Social Media Assets

In addition, there are a number of digital assets to show your involvement in the week.

Simply click on the image and save it to use in your social media channels.



Facebook Option 1


Facebook Option 2


Instagram Option 1 (main post)


Instagram Option 2 (main post)


Instagram Option 1 (Stories)


Instagram Option 2 (Stories) 


Twitter Option 1


Twitter Option 2