Reflective Peacebuilding: A Planning, Monitoring and Learning Toolkit

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John Paul Lederach, Reina Neufeldt, Hal Culbertson


The Joan B. Kroc Institute For International Peace Studies, University Of Notre DameAndCatholic Relief Services SoutheastEast Asia Regional Office

Reflective Peacebuilding: A Planning, Monitoring and Learning Toolkit

Although this toolkit is aimed at those working in peacebuilding internationally, it offers useful and accessible tools for anybody working in communities where there are tensions, and where organisations are seeking to bring about attitudinal and behavioural change. It is written by the veteran conflict transformation professional and scholar, John Paul Lederach. The toolkit includes: • Guidance on working reflectively, so that learning is fed back into practice • A model illustrating the 4 principles of conflict transformation: personal; relational; structural; and cultural • Help understanding how interventions can affect change at different levels • Guidance on affecting and measure attitudinal and behavioural change • Tools to develop a Theory of Change (related to the personal, relational, structural and cultural) • Advice on creating effective frameworks and indicators for evaluation