We want to support you to do this work better, based on the evidence of what works.

We will be piloting two training programmes from November onwards.


Skills for Dialogue:

Initial conversations with leadership across the sector has identified a need for developing skills in dialogue and conflict transformation in order to tackle difficult and contentious issues in a way that builds social cohesion, respect and tolerance whilst allowing for constructive disagreement. This programme will strengthen the skills, confidence and capacity of practitioners and leaders to increase their impact in local areas.

It will be for all those who have a direct role in promoting empathy, tolerance and respect for others, and addressing prejudice, hatred and divisive narratives and rumours in local areas.

A practical and focused programme it will comprise a mix of interactive workshop sessions and online learning sets. As well as focusing on the development of skills for dialogue it will draw on a range of theoretical frameworks to help understanding and analysis including from conflict transformation and intergroup and contact theory.


Leading on Integration:

This programme will be for all those who play a strategic role in developing and implementing cohesion and integration programmes in a local area. In a series of six facilitated webinars we will hear from experts and leaders from across different sectors on the challenges and successes of designing and implementing programmes and strategies to improve cohesion and integration in a local area.


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