Our vision and mission

The vision of The Belong Network is a more integrated and less divided society. Belong aims to be the UK’s leading membership organisation on social cohesion and integration, offering academic research, consultancy, training, networking, thought leadership and events for members  across the public, private and charitable sector in the UK.

Our Mission is to:

  • Connect people, places and organisations across all sectors and localities in the UK through membership of the Belong Network to disseminate knowledge and best practice on integration.
  • Support and develop all those who are delivering cohesion, integration and intercultural work; giving them the resources, skills, inspiration and confidence to lead and champion this vital work.
  • With our members raise the profile of this vital work, developing a shared voice, improving practice and influencing policy so that together we can make an integrated society an everyday reality.



  • We value our members who are leading the way on cohesion and integration across the UK. Their experience, knowledge and insight informs and influences the strategic direction of the Belong Network.
  • We value generous collaboration – no one organisation alone can solve the divisions in UK society. Only by working in partnership with others can we achieve our vision of a more integrated society.
  • We value evidence-based practice and research and maintaining a focus on ‘what works’. We are open minded and curious, actively encouraging new ideas, learning and innovation in order to transform practice and policy.
  • We are an inclusive organisation. We celebrate the benefits of diversity for a better society. We welcome and respect difference and operate within an Equalities framework and best practice.
  • We welcome courageous and bold conversations about difference underpinned by a commitment to strengthen social bonds, emphasise shared interests and build common ground
  • We are professional and trustworthy, open and transparent about our policies and practices.