Peterborough Council – Time Credits in Partnership with Tempo

Peterborough City Council and Tempo launch a brand new Time Credits scheme across the city.

Time credits are a way of recognising the great work volunteers do in their community.

As part of Peterborough’s cohesion and integration community strategy ‘Belonging Together’, residents are being encouraged to take part in the time credits scheme in order to develop new skills, improve contributions towards their community and become more connected to their local community in general.

Peterborough’s cohesion and integration strategy focuses on four themes; increasing economic opportunity, bringing communities together, young people and English language support. This time credits scheme forms part of theme two, which works to bring communities together through community leadership and put communities at the heart of decision making, with its aim being to strengthen community cohesion through better access to leisure and cultural activities.

Working alongside the Peterborough City Council Community Connector, volunteers from across Orton and Hampton have earned time credits in various ways. Activities have included admin support to litter picking and much more!

Time credits can be spent on a number of leisure activities throughout the city. The first group spend went ahead on the 19th December 2019 where 25 volunteers attended the New Theatre in Peterborough to watch the Wizard of Oz. This was the first time that some volunteers had visited the theatre and the night was deemed a “fantastic experience” by local residents.

To learn more about Peterborough’s community integration strategy, visit their website here.

Local residents show their time credits to spend in the community on leisure and cultural events


New attendees to Peterborough’s New Theatre


Two residents also enjoy a night out at the New Theatre