Project Polish

Project Polish is a UK based story sharing project, created to encourage awareness and understanding of Poland and Polish people in the UK.

Project Polish forms part of the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government’s Green Paper on Integrated Communities and is supported by the British Embassy in Warsaw, the Polish Embassy in London, the Polish Cultural Institute, Polish Saturday Schools, The British Council and all five integrated towns. A number of prolific MPs have also given their support, most notably Ed Miliband.

Schools who take part in the project are invited to take part in three tasks, completion of which will lead to an invite to a reception at the Polish Embassy in February 2020. Tasks in the project involve: learning about a shared history with Poland, interviewing members of the Polish community about their life experiences in the UK and discussions around what schools can do in their local areas to build community cohesion. You can register for free teaching materials by visiting this link.

The project has 65 schools already taking part with some already in their completion phase. Some schools have taken extra steps to enhance cohesion through holding events with food and stalls, inviting members of the local community to the school. Watch this video to find out more about the project.