Edwina Peart

Edwina Peart is an experienced educator/trainer, consultant and researcher in equity, inclusion and justice. She works in local community, national and international developmental contexts and cultural, faith and educational environments.  Her skill combination is effective in both originating and assessing policy and practice and is grounded in a broad experience. She favours an intersectional analysis.

Edwina has worked as a gender studies lecturer raising awareness of and advising on issues of gender equality within the wider institution.  She chaired a Race Equality Network for staff at a time of organisational and priority change.  She has delivered training on racial and transgender equality, recognising structural barriers to embracing diversity and sustaining work towards inclusion and justice. She has experience of inward and outward focussed Interventions.

Edwina’s research and analysis includes assessing the links between theory and action, evaluating the contribution and cost of individual and community engagement in the equity agenda. Her approach acknowledges power relations, structural inequalities and personal agency and perspective.  It enables difficult conversations to be opened and held.  She works collegiately to formulate and deliver clear action plans with built in commitment and accountability.

To find out more about working with Edwina as part of your Belong Network membership, please contact amy@belongnetwork.co.uk