Standard Member

This membership provides you with the opportunity to be a proactive player with the Belong Network in the field of cohesion and integration. It offers access to our toolkits, webinars and online forums, discounts on training and events, and a place at our annual conference.

Benefits include all those listed in the Associate Member package plus:

  • A place in the Belong directory with a dedicated members page for your organisation, linking to your resources and stories.
  • Two logins providing access and ability to contribute to online forums by geographical area or interest.
  • Access to best practice toolkits and webinars that are behind the paywall.
  • 20% discount on training and events including one discounted place for the national conference (available from 2020).
  • Opportunity to take part in invited consultations for research projects and local or national government policy.

Pricing Table

These are the pricing options for our Standard Membership packages:

Civil Society Organisations including Charities Standard Member
Up to income of £150,000 per annum £60.00 per annum
£150,00- £300,00 income per annum £90.00 per annum
£300,000- £600,000 income per annum £120.00 per annum
£600,000- £1,000,000 income per annum £250.00 per annum
Turnover: £1-2 million turnover per annum £600.00 per annum
Over £2 million turnover £1000.00 per annum
Local Authorities (by population)Standard Member
District and unitary authorities with a population less than 300,000£2000.00 per annum
Population between 300,000 and 750,000£4000.00 per annum
Population of 750,000- 1.5m (city)£7000.00 per annum
City Region: Population 1.5m and over£10,000.00 per annum
Universities Standard Member
Universities £3000.00 per annum
Housing Associations and Multi Academy TrustsStandard Member
Housing Associations and Multi Academy Trusts£2000.00 per annum
Business and Corporate MembersStandard Member
Business and Corporate Members£3000.00 per annum